Monday, 19 June 2017

Almajiri student intentionally chained and sent to beg for food by his teacher in Kaduna state -

 A child chained to beg alms

Can you imagine the ugly news?  An Almajiri student intentionally chained and sent to beg for his teacher in Kaduna state. Thank you news provider for this timely news. This is not the first time we hear of this,neither is it the second or the third time. We have always known that begging is part of child abuse. Yes,child abuse!


What do you call a situation where a child is being asked to lead his mother or father who pretends to be sick or handicapped? child abuse! Yes that is what it is. Children from shameless and irresponsible parents have suffered all forms off abuse. How can a child every day knows that nothing comes from his parent on which they could be taken care of,except what they get by the mercy of good people? Children from these kind of family background know that they have no future and hope since all their parent could do is give birth to them and dash them to the street. 

When children from other responsible homes go to school,receive training and get nurtured for tomorrow,children from hopeless and irresponsible families are busy on the street,holding the hands of their parents,only singing and begging passerbys to show them pity and give them some alms.

One bad and ugly thing about engaging children into begging is the that these children have been made to see how to frame lies to get what they need. You can imagine when a child watches  his parent frame blind when they can actually see and do lot more than that! All , such children will get to know is that they can always frame fake to get whatever they want,and that begging is the only way to make money in life.

The top story of a classroom teacher setting up a child to go begging shows the extend at which children have been abused and taken advantages of by their parents,neighbors and teachers. What does the law say about this peopleeeeeeeeeeeee????

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