Friday, 9 June 2017

Can men ever be raped? Yes.-

Two men raped by 7 women in Zimbabwe

Is it not confusing that even men can be raped?  Rape has always been associated with women being the victims but yes,men too can be raped. How,how and how?
Severally,a lot of news have been reported on men being raped by a number of women. However,one thing is always lacking in each and every report of rape on men. The question of ''HOW'' has never been explicitly answered. Does it mean that men will have to raise their legs while women perform the duty? Is it to say that okay,fine,a woman can rape a man,only when she arouses him to the point of having s*x and at the end of the day,she refuses to open her legs to satisfy him?  Can men ever be raped? Yes. Let's share some examples of how men can be raped with you.

Since rape is considered as a type of s*xual assault usually involving s*xual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person's consent,we can therefore say here that if a man is having his peace and a woman walks up to him and demand for s*x,if the man is not in the mood to do so or does not want to do so and the woman forces him with her strength,power or influence,then,we can say that that man has been raped by a woman.


Take a look at this
  •  In some jurisdictions, all s*x with people under the age of consent is considered statutory rape, in such jurisdictions the consent of the younger person is considered irrelevant to the question of whether or not what happened was rape. This is to say that even if that child enjoys s*x,for the fact that she is under age makes it a rape. Therefore,even if a man is forced to have s*x with a woman,whether he later enjoys it or not,for the fact that he is being forced makes it a rape.

  •  An erection is no more needed for a man to be raped than aroused genitals are required for a woman to be raped, you might be laboring under the confusion that the only act that qualifies as rape is having an erect penis in a vagina, but that's not the case, for example having oral sex performed on you without consent is also rape. This especially applies to some people who like to have s*x in some ways which the other person may not like. For example,if a woman wants her vagina to be sucked and the man says he can't,if he is being forced to suck her,the whole thing would have been turned to rape.
  •  Yes,it is true that physical violence is not a necessary component in rape,but sex with an incapacitated person who is unable to give his consent is rape. Coercing a person to have sex by way of making threats is also rape. Can men ever be raped? Yes.

  •  In conclusion,we can say that whether the victim is a man or a woman, as long as one is not ready to have s*x,the moment he or she is forced to do so,it is called rape! Women are not the only ones that can be raped,men also can be raped!!!

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