Thursday, 8 June 2017

Can torture bring any justice? -

Photos: Family demands justice after their son was allegedly tortured to death by soldiers in Edo over N1.5m debt

Again,it is another murder of a Nigerian citizen by soldiers through hard labor and torture. Over and over again,we see soldiers abusing rightful citizens each and every time they fall in their traps. Just the other day,our eyes got sight of a young man lying flat on the ground,facing the hot sun. When we apprehended to get the fact of the situation,to our greatest surprise,the one and only reason why the young man was punished to the ground was because he put on the uniform of the army. He camouflaged the army in their uniform,so he was severely punished. We then wondered : If a man would be punished by the soldiers simply because,he wore the army uniform,how much more will any serious law offenders be punished?

When the news that a young man was allegedly tortured to death by soldiers because of some debt,we were not any surprised. This is because,many of the cases had happened overtime,without any cry for justice.  Yes,we that,there are even situations where soldiers would abruptly kill someone who tries head knock with them and throw their corpse in a deep bush,and that will be all.

You see,I don't like it when one or a family comes looking for justice for the dead. This act is simply like medicine after death. Yes,this man is dead and he is dead. What justice is the family looking for that can calm their spirit to accept his death? This is what it means to leave everything in the hand of God. For he is the God of vengeance who will bring judgement to every sort of flesh.  Or are is the justice the family is looking for the one that will also put to death the soldiers whop killed their son? I am afraid,they won't succeed!

In way of  seeking justice,soldiers,police men,and other detectors use serious form of torture to force suspects to tell the truth. Many time too,many innocent suspects claim guilty,accepting that they did what they never did that they have been arrested for to get stopped of torturing. Yes,can torture any bring any justice??

If detectors or force men claim that torture is the only way that guilty persons can accept and tell the truth,then,it means that they still have a long way to go in their field of investigation. After all,there are still many innocent people among the evil. Can torturing bring any justice????

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