Thursday, 8 June 2017

child abandonement in an uncompleted building again.-


Photos: Newborn baby found abandoned in uncompleted building in Benin city, rescued alive.

Okay,we have heard enough of this nonsense of child abandonment either in a dustbin, deep or around bush,or in a gutter.  Yes,we have once applauded you for keeping the pregnancy,instead of going for abortion like other girls would do,but you see the act of abandoning a child who needs your care and warm touch is so bad a thing to do.  It is becoming a culture for you girls and this must stop!

What has your baby done to you that you have dumped him in an uncompleted building? Is that uncompleted building the place his conception took place? Were you actually thinking that the man who got you pregnant and denied it would actually go to the uncompleted building where he has the s*x with you that produced that baby and eventually pick him home? Perhaps,you know the owner of the building and  the only thing your heart could tell you was that you should go out there and drop the baby,so that when the rich man comes to check on his building,he will pick up the baby and nurture him for you right? How wrong you thought my dear!

To everyone who gives birth to unwanted child,unwanted child in the sense that when you were committing fornication,your common sense failed to tell you that the reward for opening your legs to one wayward boy like you are is pregnancy right? How stupid you are!!

Hey,wait a minute. What has happened to condoms in the market? Are you seriously saying that your boyfriend could not even afford the money to buy one and you still opened your legs so wide for him? You are just big for nothing girl! Very shameless. Did you even know that you are not worthy to be a woman?  Women naturally can die for their own children. They fast and pray for the safety of their children. They work hard to provide and care for them. Even when condition and situations are so bad,our mothers pretend that every thing is alright. So,go and search yourself and see if you are really a woman or some kinds of beast being clothed in the shape of womanhood.

Women who have the characteristics of womanhood forbid killing of any child. The love of child bearing burns in their heart. Again,search your heart you life dumper,and see if you are truly a woman!!!

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