Friday, 16 June 2017

How much womanhood has been abused part 2-


The previous article on woman abuse shows a picture of a married woman who was terribly beaten by her own husband because she refused to have early morning s*x with him. Now again it is a report of another woman being beaten and seriously injured by her husband. Women,why do you always fall victims of abuse?
You see,the truth in the issue of woman abuses is that not every woman suffer from it. There are thousands of women who can gladly and proudly come out and say '' For a long as I have known my husband,he has never raised his hand on me no matter what''! Yet,there are other women who will say '' I am tire of physical and mental abuse from my husband'' like the woman in the above picture. So they cry every day of their life that their marriage relationship becomes more of endurance than enjoyment.


  • One of the foremost  reasons why women are abused is because of over consideration . The questions such as '' What will happen to my family if I leave? What about my children,who will take care of them if I leave this family? What will people say about me if I leave this marriage? Will my husband not take another wife if I leave him?'' Theses are the many questions that border the heart of some battered women,making it impossible for them to leave unhappy marriages that threaten to take their lives.

  • Looking at the questions above,you would see that there is not even a question that has concern for the women at all. They are all about what people will say,what they will think and all of that! Poor them!For crying out loud how would a life of a woman be in danger and all she is interested in is about people and not what to do to save herself first? That is another reason why women are abused.

  • Let's have answers to some of the questions raised by battered women. ''What will happen to my family if I leave?'' Nothing will happen to your family if you leave. The only thing that will happen to it is that they will miss your presence. Take a leave if your life is in danger and stay safe. ''Will my husband not take another wife if I leave''? And so what? Let him take another wife if he wishes. What should matter to you is not marriage but how to protect your life from anything or anyone that is harmful,such as your husband. Wait a minute,are you actually saying that a man who does not care for your emotion,a man who wants you dead matters so much to you that your health?  Ooh,I see another reason why your husband beats and brutal you like a wicked animal.

  • Our findings have also shown that 80% of women who stay in abusive relationship are women who cannot care for themselves. Women,go find something to do that will make you financially strong. Women with financial muscles do not fear any threat in their life. If their husbands say that their marriage is over,they gladly leave than absorb emotional shock and domestic abuses from their husbands.

Women with over consideration are the major reasons why their husbands abuse them. Have a heart to challenge him the first time he beats you. Let him know that in any situation he no longer wants you,he should let you know to have a clear break of separation from him,than beating you. Separation is allowed even in the Holy Scriptures. 
Dear mothers,dear women, do not be afraid of losing your husband. In stead,be in fear of losing your life and the hope that child bearing gives!!!

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