Friday, 16 June 2017

How much womanhood has been abused -

 Man beats up his wife for denying him early morning s*x

Women have been maltreated in various ways. In various ways too,this group of people have been bullied and been denied their many rights. You would be imagining what the owner of the pictures above did to deserve the injuries.She simply was tired enough to give her husband s*x in  the morning after they have had a marathon of it the previous night. Isn't it an injurious abuse that a woman was beaten by her husband because she did not have any strength  to perform? You could also tell what other abuses this woman would be facing from her husband,every day. Read more : How much womanhood has been abused part

Needless it is to ask if the husband of this woman is in a way saying that his wife does not have right to say no when he wants yes for an answer. For crying out loud,is this woman a wife or a robot? It is only robot that I quite know that can never say no when its director wants yes for an answer. In fact,robots do not have desire and can never exercise any right to disobey an order.

In a research,findings prove that over 60% of married women have been beaten by their husbands for failing to have s*x with their husbands only when they have refused to go for family planing to stop having children. Because women are mothers to children,they take more active part in child training. They and only they can tell the cost and worth of child training. And so for a woman to say no to s*x that will bring about more pregnancy to a baby is not in any way bad at all. She is only protecting the future and interest of her children,trying to train those that she has had before having more.

To beat a woman because she says she doesn't want to have more children is like beating a child and forcing him to eat more food than it is necessary. It is an abuse!
The fact that a husband could beat up his wife is an evidence that he doesn't have respect for her and that he doesn't value her either. Rather than beating their wives,loving and caring husbands will always understand and respect their wives feelings,never forcing them against their will.

If your wife says no to having s*x with you,be romantic enough to just peck and kiss her instead of sighing or at worst,beating her. If she says no do today,she will surely yes tomorrow and make it up for you,that is women,our mothers!!!

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