Wednesday, 14 June 2017

More things you should know about online dating -

Two Nigerian women convicted in the UK of scamming 7 men out of over £100k in online dating fraud

Of course you know what online dating is,and you also know what it is all about,you are not a baby,are you? In relationships,there are different modes and types of dating. We have distance dating and close dating relationship. Online dating is an example of distance dating because ,most times,people involved in dating online do not know or have not seen each other live. However,here are more things you should know about online dating.


  • Research has shown that people who date online are many times  persons in disguise. They hide their real persons and come out with another,most times again, people better than they are.

  • Internet scam prevails through online dating. Usually they say that people who date online are more of women than men. Like the picture of the lady above,many other women have defrauded their so called boyfriends and lovers,millions of money for one thing or the other all in the name of marriage. What about desperate women who want to get married by all means? Yes to the traps of their seducers they fall and they fall so heavily.

  • Have you ever heard of pseudo husbands or wives? These are claimed couples who have already given out everything they have online. They buy rings and exchange online,they also use to have s*x online whenever they so need it. After all,for their mind,they are already married online. 

The truth is that online dating is not the best form of dating there is. Moreover,studies have proven that desperate people and defrauders  are the ones that date most online,looking for someone to fall in their traps!!!

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