Thursday, 1 June 2017

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Photo: 42-year old man arrested for defiling two under-aged girls with Bobo drinks in Lagos

Again it is another sad story of yet another child molestation! The name of the man you are looking at up there is nothing but Aminu Umar. He is 42 years at the time he was arrested for molesting his neighbors daughters,aged  4 and 7 . The story has it that this old man would always trick the kids into his room with some Bobo drink. Poor girls! How we wish that you know that the man you call your uncle is a monster,not any close to being a friend.

Like women who are often subjected to various abuses, girl child is not left alone in the hands of some heartless and wicked men. In many reports in case you are wondering how children are molested,it has been disclosed that men,usually from 40 years and above would always trick baby girls from the ages 1 to about 7 years into their rooms,whenever they are very sure that their parents and older ones are away from home. Getting these children in their closets,they would give them some sweet,chocolates, biscuits and drinks like Bobo. While the kids are enjoying the drinks given to them,the old for nothing men,would begin to finger them. Some of them knowing that this could be painful to them would begin by asking the kids to open their legs,that they want to remove something from it. Ignorant children as usual,would obey and open their innocent legs to the monsters,who would begin using their fingers to reach their vaginas. Yes,because these children have been told that there is something in their vaginas which must be removed,they would want to endure whatever pains they are passing through.

Only smart children would tell their mothers that ''uncle helped me and remove something from my bom bom and inside here'' and they would open their legs to show their mothers the inside. Then from there,the evil molester,would be exposed.

Sometimes too,molesters would have succeeded many times before they would meet their water loom. For example,there was a man who had molested a child from her 2 years till she was 6. The only thing that exposed him was that a point came when the little girl would not want to sleep in their room,but in uncle's room( the molester). The day she said that ''she likes to sleep in uncle's bed because uncle use to lick her bombom and make her laugh'' was the day her mother fainted,and then,the case began.


While some believe that the major cause of child molestation is spiritual,because it is not just normal for an adult old to be a father or even a grand father to a child to have any s*xual act with a child,we every day blame parents especially mothers who would call a total stranger who is just a next door neighbor ''uncle'',making their children to feel the same way too. Many times too,some parents would allow their children to enter the rooms of single young and old men freely,as if it is their own. These acts now give many reasons for molesters to penetrate and succeed many times.

Poverty has again contributed to child molestation. What do you expect a child who has seen many times seen that a neighbor,a man usually brings some food items to their mothers and even buy some gifts to the children too? The children will definitely relax,having confidence that such a person is their brother or uncle,who has good intentions for them. Many times when these so called uncles or brothers molest such children,they threaten that if they tell their mother anything,they would not buy them anything again or allow them to come to their rooms to watch films. Fear will now make the children keep the problems to themselves until,there is a turn of event!

Dear parents,protect your children from wicked people who claim to mean well for you and your children. Do not tell your children that your neighbors are their uncles. Buy to your children whatever they point at for their good and ensure on a daily basis,you ask them if any brother or uncle touch their bombom or their private parts. Insist,until you are convinced! More especially,before leaving home for work,tell them, warn them not to enter any uncles' rooms that there are dangers in them! In this way,you would saved your girl child,from molestation abuse!!!

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