Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Prison yard,a reformation center or a death zone?-

Prison Congestion: Zamfara State to review over 700 cases - Chief Judge, Justice Kulu Aliyu

Seeing what happens every day in Nigeria prisons makes everyone ask : Is prison yard a reformation center or a death zone? Yea....Seeing over a hundred prisoners housed in a room where about 45 prisoners are fit to be is such an embarrassing thing to do. It is a death trap. To worsen the situation,whenever top government officials visit prison yards,they actual see this pathetic situation,keep mute,and pretend they see nothing bad.  Hmmm,Nigerian government officials! Like it is nothing blood that flows in their veins. Prison yard,a reformation center or a death zone?

In all the prisons in the Federal Republic of Nigeria,there is actual no prison that one can mark as being different from the other. Each and everyone of them is as bad as the other. Debilitated buildings,adulterated meals,and other injurious abuses are some of the many things seen in any Nigerian prisons.

Since only the living have hope that something will definitely get better tomorrow no matter what,how can prisoners who are left hopelessly in prison,when many of them end up giving up their ghost sometimes while still in prisons because of one unbearable condition or the other. Prison yard,a reformation center or a death zone?

Our points are these: Since prison is a place where suspects are kept for trial or a place where convicts are kept to serve their terms and pay the crimes they have committed,the condition in prison should be a conducive one. Prisoners should have a conducive house and well renovated buildings to keep warm and cool. Prisoners should be well fed in order to be in good heart conditions.

When prisoners are treated well in prisons,they can be sure that their government really has their welfare in heart and truly care for them. This kind deeds will help in realizing the objectives of  restructuring,reshaping,and reforming prisoners!!!

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