Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Reasons why having animals as pets are dangerous -

 A pet pig bites off his owner's penis and fingers during a fight

The picture above shows what animals could be to their owners in bad times.While it is so easy to say that humans are more difficult animals to deal with,the story of animals really proves it wrong. Originally,having animals as pets has never been the culture of all human race. Only the white are so familiar to this kind of culture,having animals as their best instead of their fellow humans. What is so good about having animals as pets? What reasons are there that having animals as pets are dangerous? Here are the reasons why having animals as pets are dangerous.


No matter how much you train an animal or animals to be close to you as a human,animals are always animals. Yes, we have seen the much efforts man have put to train animals act and behave like humans. We also know that some animals can be very sensitive and wise courtesy of training,yet,they can never be humans. Otherwise,they cannot devour and kill their masters. They could reason that ''awsh,this is my lovely and ever caring owner,I won't do this to him''.

What we are saying is that instances of animals having devoured and killed their owners are so numerous to mention. In one state in America,we got nothing less than five reports of animals,which have been pets of their owners having killed either their owners,a family member,or their care giver at a slightest mistake.

Just take a look at this report as shows of the pig above:
''A farmer died after his pet pig  bit off his penis as well as three of his fingers during an aggressive fight.  That farmer died after the cuts and wounds inflicted by the pig became infected.
Miguel Anaya Pablo returned home drunk and picked a fight with his pet pig that lived with him. The 60-year-old farmer provoked the animal, jumping up and knocking it over, so the pig became defensive and bit its owner’s penis off and three of his fingers then left the man lying in a pool of his blood.''

Usually,this is a common story of drinkers whenever they return home drunk,beating their wives and throwing up everything. No matter how bad a drinker may treat a fellow human,the worst thing that can happen to him is that he would be left to live alone,perhaps being deserted. But here is what animals can do in the same situation ''killing their owners''.

While humans can reason that shedding blood of fellow humans is a sin and abomination no matter what may have happened. It is a crime that requires soul for soul,and human understand it so clearly,unlike animals. Animals do not have or share human understanding on a definite knowledge . They do not have any penalty for whatever they do against humans,except of course killing them. And what is that? These are the reasons why having animals as pets are dangerous!!!

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