Friday, 2 June 2017

Reasons why lawmakers cannot stop herdsmen actions -rape crisis

Gov. Obaseki pays condolence visit to families of two elderly women raped and murdered by Fulani herdsmen in Edo

Fulani herd men are here again! This time,they have yet committed another murder crime,the worst crime against flesh and spirit. It is the crime of murder! How much more rape is added to it. Just last year,in 2016,a group of Fulani herdsmen killed over 200 people just in one night while they were deep asleep in their own homes in Enugu state. Now it is in Edo state Nigeria,where elderly women were raped and then murdered in their farm lands  by the same Fulani herdsmen.  Why has it always has to be the fear of Fulani herdsmen all the time in farm and grassy lands? Where are the law makers and what are they saying about this case? Why do Fulani herdsmen have to always go score free in crime cases such as this? Youths are not smiling. Hear are their expressions:

Big D said: What are the so called Niger Delta militant still waiting for? Let them send this idiot out of their state. 
Mary K said... But why are the south south governors slacking on this herdsmen invasion issue?
Mac H said : The only way to stop this is to send this Fulani herdsmen out your state! Edo state will soon become Benue state very soon. Mark my words!
Simple reasons why Fulani herdsmen succeed in their cruelty
Whenever issues of Fulani herdsmen is brought to the lawmakers,the normal thing is for them that is the lawmakers to make a law that will put a stop to the crime. But in Nigeria,unfortunately,it is not so. Over 40% of the lawmakers are the masters and owners of the Fulani herdsmen and these lawmakers would always make laws in favor of their own people,regardless of how the masses feel about it. If lawmakers actual represent the people they govern,they surely will represent their interest as well, right? But in Nigeria,we wonder why things work differently.
Absolute reluctancy if you ask me is the major reason why the lawmakers will always fail to hack to people's needs. For how long will this reluctancy continue to be in Nigeria? Stories loading.......

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