Monday, 12 June 2017


The question of whether wives should hide money from their husband is like asking whether it is good for wives to have a joint account with their husbands. Should wives hide money from their husbands? Why would you want us to have a say here? Does this type of question not require a personal decision? Okay,we understand. Never you worry at all as long as you are in Our rich experiences and wealth of  ideas will do the magic,giving you a answers.


You see my dear,husbands are not and never the same anywhere in the world. How one behaves is surely different from the way the other does. The same are wives. We also do hope that you know that the way couples relate to each other matters in everything,in home management.  Therefore, the question : Should wives hide money from their husbands depends on ones husband. It could be yes,it could also be no! 
Husbands are the heads of their wives,no doubt. We are not arguing over it neither are we questioning it! Yes you man is the head. But should your wife let everything open to you including her financial capacity? Hmm,it depends on what kind of husband you are anyway.


Dear wife,if he your husband is hand tight,not always willing to give you a deserving treat when due,please hide your money from him. Use it to robust yourself and give yourself that treat you deserve.

If your husband is the type that spends money lavishly without having a sense of saving,my dear woman,yes,hide your money from him. Such myopic people do not deserve to know your secret,they can also get you dried.

If you find out that your husband is a drunkard and a smoker and you know that he doesn't have a fat bank account,without any consideration,we beg you,yes,hide your money. If you don't,we promise you,he will use your money and drink,then,come after you and beat you up.

If your husband is a Casanova,without any second thought,hide your money from him otherwise,you will end up sponsoring your husband's concubine.

My dear,if you are so unfortunate and you have a nonconformist as a husband,a a man who cannot plan and corporate with you as a wife,without any delay, yes,hide and hide your money from him.


A loving husband always gets favor from his wife. Yea,that is true. No woman who knows that her husband is everything that she has will hide even her money from him. She knows that whatever she needs,her husband will supply at when due. So my dear,if you have such a loving husband,it is needless hiding your money from him.

If your husband once had money and was very supporting and caring and he is no longer capable,please and please,do not hide your money from him. Open up with him and encourage him to boot up again. Hiding your money from your loving husband now he is down is not an appreciation to him.

From the discussion : Should wives hide money from their husbands?, we could see that yes,they should when their husbands lack qualities of husbands such as love and care. If a wife does not enjoy comfort and assurance,for the good of herself and children,it is advisable that she hides her money from her husband. However,if a wife enjoys comfort from her husband and her husbands is indeed a husband,she can show her love and appreciation to him in return by no hiding money from him.
Husband and wife are supposed to be one. If oneness is truly reflected in everything,then,we don't see any reason why a wife should hide money from her husband,more so especially,when her husband is her key provider. What happens if her husband finds out she's been hiding something from him? And what will your husband do with your money when he is more capable anyways? Think about it !!!

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