Thursday, 22 June 2017

The consequences of kidnapping,Evans can tell.-

For sometime now,a lot of articles have been written and talked about, on the need for people to avoid taking laws into their hands. Whenever there is a sound of thief,even without any investigation,a mob or a group of people in the  area would have surrounded,and start inflicting beatings on the said armed robbers,and before one knows it,they are being set on fire. Read more : Ugly reasons why people commit suicide

The issue of kidnapping is one of a greater  and harder nut to crack. No eyes sees them,and no one knows them. Only the nemesis fishes them out the moment their cup is filled.

In Nigeria,there has been a number of kidnapping stories, making headlines on papers,and bringing  troubles for Nigerian government and her citizenry. Some of them have good and genuine reasons that they merit amnesty programs to set them from the consequences of kidnapping,which is punishment and death. But however,there are kidnappers that would meet their  water-loom,and would never find their feet on the surface of the ground. An example is the billionaire Kidnapper Chukwudubem Onwuamadike a.k.a Evans. For seven good years he had been succeeding in kidnapping business,where he would abduct wealthy people in their calibers and demand for ransom in  million euros . Inability of his victims to meet up with his demand,certainly leads to their death. We mean here that Evans himself or through his boys would kill anyone in their custody who can not pay the ransom being demanded.

Did Chukwuemeka Onwuamadike know that he would finally be captured by the police the day he was? No,he never! His usual escape deceived him,making him to feel that nothing would ever make him fail in that mission. Unfortunately,one of his boys and girls in the same mission led him to his waterloom. Here are Evans' advice to other kidnappers on earth: “Police arrested me, so I believe there is nothing like kidnapping.'' “So, my advice to them (kidnappers) is that as they are looking at me or maybe they watch me today standing here, they should stop everything about that (crime).”

Hmmm,nice advice kidnapper Evans. We wish your guys hear you and leave the deadly path set for them to follow.

Kidnapping is not a business,no matter what money it brings to you. The shame,the embarrassment and total loss kidnapping brings is beyond our dreams. And the worst of it all is the consequences of kidnapping,which is death,by hanging.....

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