Thursday, 29 June 2017


Herdsmen in Nigeria

Herdsmen,the men who move about places with their cattle,rams and cows. The lives of these people,the herdsmen are beyond,any human imagination. They can follow their cows wherever their cows lead,be it under the sun or in the rain. Herdsmen can also lie low in the bush with their cows at night,and in green pastures,they feed on vegetation. These are the lives and stories of herdsmen in Nigeria.

As serious and dedicated as the story of herdsmen might seem, we are not in any way trying to sing appraisal to them,yes their duty is to follow cows  about places for as long as it is deemed fit,and they do just so passionately,the issue is what lies ahead!

Sometime in the year 2016,a group of herdsmen in Nigeria,entered one village,precisely in Enugu state and butchered humans,men,women,and children in their numbers like they butcher animals. In the same hand too,another set of herdsmen entered one farmland in Benin city,Edo state Nigeria,raped women in their farm,and killed them at the end of the day. Stories of this kind are numerous in other states in Nigeria,not mentioned here .

A lot of reports have had it that many herdsmen have guns,machetes and other dangerous weapons to intimidate owners of lands to leave their lands for them. Herdsmen have also threatened young and old women and raped them right in their farms.

Herdsmen have done many terrible things to people in their farms and in their homes. The worst of it all is that herdsmen leave their places and clans to another different state and dominate them. In all the heard stories,none of the northerners man or woman has been affected by the actions of herdsmen. Not even one of the ladies from the north has been raped or butchered by any herdsmen. These ugly stories only exist in other states in Nigeria,order than the north!!!!

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