Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Ugly reasons why people commit suicide-

 A picture of a man hanging himself for killing his wife

Suicide,which simply means killing of oneself has become rampant,not just in our days,but from times immemorial. Before taking their own lives,some of them usually dim it fit to drop some letters,stating why they had to commit suicide. Yes,the reasons for committing suicide are often embarrassing,but are never enough reasons why someone should take his own life. What sin could one ever commit that no one in the history of mankind has ever committed? What sin however can one commit that can be equal to that of the first man and woman on earth who brought the sin itself to human family which we all eventually inherited? Did they,the first man and woman commit suicide for committing the highest sin on earth? No,they never did. They rather waited for the judgement of their creator,lived their lives to the full,till,they died. Why would their children be the ones to think of killing themselves just because of going astray? Here in this article,we are going to see ugly reasons why people commit suicide.


The first ugly reason why people commit suicide is from the picture above. A man had misunderstanding with his wife and due to the fact that he lacks self control and couldn't control his anger,he slammed the head of his wife against the wall,she fell down and died. Now,the fear of how he would tell his people,his in-laws and police that he killed his wife from anger made him hang himself. Please sir,would hanging yourself on a tree cover up your shameful conduct? Nevertheless. It will rather add up more injuries to it.

We have another instance of a lady who took her own life by poison. Just before drinking from it,she wrote and dropped the letter on a table saying '' My boyfriend that I have dated for 10 good years left me and married my best friend. How can I live and stand the shame and the emotional trauma?'' Hmmm,dear lady,your boyfriend left you and married your best friend,and all you could think of is to kill yourself. We are very ashamed of you! You are neither a fighter nor a capable woman.  He left you yes,but did he also go with your life? No. You would have lived better and sweeter life if you had picked up your life and accepted the situation you could not change. In your grave,don't ever forget that ''no one is your life line!

Another report had it that a young man committed suicide because everyone called him a bastard,saying that he was picked up by the side of a gutter. Hmmm,nawaoo,people called you bastard and all you could do is to kill yourself. You don't have sense at all. What is a bastard? Any one who act senselessly and stupidly. It does not have anything to do with any one who is born and dumped by the side of a gutter. You just wasted your life and the opportunity to correct the wrongs of your unknown parent because,we are sure somewhere,they are there.

What other examples do you want us to talk about here?  Our ears are rather opened to hear stories from  your own sides!!!

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