Tuesday, 13 June 2017

What an African tradition! Man bewitched and made to eat grass after he was caught with another man's wife in Kenya-

Tradition,no doubt  is people's way of life. But,this one,bewitching a man and making him to eat grass after he was caught with another man's wife is something else. African traditions are just like mosaic laws that respect or fear no life or blood when it comes to vengeance. Always tit for tat. In one African country Nigeria,if a married woman has s*x with another man other than her husband,the tradition makes her go mad,I mean really mad and not crazy. But one bad thing about that tradition is that when a man has s*x with another woman order than his wife,he doesn't run any mad for cheating his wife. He just go score free in town.

In another tradition,if a woman cheats on her husband and the man she sleeps and has s*x with gives her some money,if she uses the money and cooks food for her husband,on eating it,the man will die. But the woman,she only becomes a widow. Hm-mm, African tradition!

Now,in as much as it is a very disrespectful act for anyone to cheat on their partners,it is also wrong for any tradition to stipulate death warrant or make the offender go through any sort of poisonous engagement . There is no justice in such traditions no matter how one looks at it. Someone commits adultery,thereby cheating on his wife,and what he gets as a result is either madness or death. No,it is unfair.

If any tradition makes laws in mosaic style thinking it is on the right track,it is actually wrong! Mosaic laws have been abolished by a more powerful system which recognizes that laws should not be superior to man,but man should. It is this system of law that has made it possible for patients to get treatment on Sabbath day,otherwise,patients will have to die in their sicknesses since no Doctors or physicians will attend to them on Sabbath day.

Traditions are good and very excellent,but not when it requires the ,life of humans. It is the way of life that is made to guide actions and behaviors of a set of humans  in a particular community. Will it not rather look stupid to say that a child loses his fingers because he was caught stealing meat from his mother's pot saying that any child who takes meats from his mother pot will end being a thief if his fingers are not cut?  Any tradition which does this to any innocent child for acting in childish behavior must be very stupid and myopic!!!

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