Tuesday, 13 June 2017


In your opinion,what should relationship involve? In your right senses we ask again,what should  relationship involve? We ask this question because,everyone has what she wants in her relationship. While some say,that they want their boyfriends to buy them baby cars,others suggest that they should have houses of their own in big cities. Hmmm,girls are really playing big!

But come to think of it : Should there be request of any material things by ladies in relationship? We mean,is relationship an avenue for girls to ask for every heaven and earth? If the answer is yes,what then should the guys ask for??  Yes,what should be the benefits of the guys if they are to provide much of these lots such as cars and houses for their girls? What happens if after providing all of these things for their girl friends and their affairs end in friend relationship? Hmmm,keep wondering!!


In as much as having cars and houses from boyfriends are sweet and refreshing,it is okay but only when they are given as gifts and not as demands. For crying out,relationship is not a shopping mall with a Santa Claus  wanting to give free gifts. Even at that,is it not a Santa Claus who decides what gifts to give and to whom they should be given? Relationship involves love and sincerity.

Dating,courtship and relationship are one and the same thing. They all strive to reach one and the same goal,which is marriage.  For your information,the only people who should go for or be in a relationship are people who are attracted to each other and want to see the real persons of the other to be convinced that they are matched for marriage. Relationship is not an avenue or an opportunity where girls should enrich themselves materially and sap their boyfriends,no.

Dear girls,instead of looking for a way to enrich yourself materially while in relationship,look for ways to build your relationship to the point of marriage. That should be your goal.

Guys,it is easy . If you want to know if your girl loves you and wants to have a future with you,watch her attitudes,desires and demands. No wife material on dating you will ever ask for a car or a house. What will she do with the house if she has intention of marriage with you? Will she take you to her house,I mean the house you would buy for her after your marriage to her? Men,use your heads!!

On a final note,any girl who demands for huge material things in her relationship is only asking for a parting gift and not interested in marriage!!!

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