Thursday, 15 June 2017

When kidnappers weep -


Even kidnappers too weep? Hmm,are they forming coward or acting humans now? Before now,I thought kidnappers are human -animals right? People who have their hearts deposited in their back. Hold on please,when we say that kidnappers have their hearts deposited in their back,we don't mean that they were created that way by their God. Noo, what we mean is that kidnappers are actually humans born naturally by women and of course,most times they are people from good homes but choose to deviate to bad wicked path.

If you have been in the shoes of kidnapped victims,or you have had a story of one before,you would agree that they have some inbuilt stones in their heart. Yes,this is why they feel no pity on any of their victims no matter their conditions. You can imagine a pregnant woman or a sick grandfather pleading with their last strength to be freed. Yes,the kidnappers will threaten to do even more to their victims without applying pity on their conditions. Wicked people!  So you kidnappers can also weep too?  Why would you Mr kidnapper shed tears ? Very sorry right? 


A lot of people often ask why some people could wake up and decide to be kidnappers to the point of making kidnapping their daily business. On a very good day,one would just pick you out of crowd and imagine that you are wealthy. The next thing is to begin to watch and monitor your movement,attack and kidnap you into their ever unknown custody,demanding that you pay a huge of millions to redeem yourself. You are just on your own,managing your state of life and someone comes up and takes you to an unknown destination and demand that you pay some money to redeem yourself or else,they kill you. Hmm,nawaoo.

Are kidnappers not saying in a way that those who have the means to enjoy  life don't have right to do so? Are they actually saying that we don't have right to work hard and live our life in comfort? These are the thoughts of animals that make us wonder if kidnappers are humans or animals. How can someones' business simply be to sit and watch kinds of people in a particular area,in order to know the rich,affluent and poor,then go after them to retch the rich and kill the poor?

I don't have anything against repentance to say that I hate it when kidnappers cry and weep because they feel sorry of what they have done. But my question is : Why would kidnappers feel sorry only at the point they meet their water loom? Why would kidnappers not ever at any point of their life,while still in kidnapping business give up in the kidnapping business and cry,saying : ''No,I am done with thing business. To hell with you!'' They only cry and weep when they have been caught and apprehended wishing they were not caught.Hmm,to leave you with your judge is what we should do!!!

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