Tuesday, 29 August 2017


 Photo: A baby born without eyes.

In Kenya, a 22-year old mother named Mariam Mwakombo gave birth to a baby girl with facial deformity. The baby was born without eyes! The mother of the child,Maria, Mwakombo wasn't satisfied with the result of her  pregnancy stress and child birth. That is expected anyways,who will be happy after all? A baby born without eyes,died of starvation,villagers run for their lives.

But the baby having been born,cried and cried for attention,but didn't receive any! Not even from her mother,who gave birth to her. She refused to breast feed her because she came out without any eyes. ''she frightened me. I have never seen such a human being."  Mariam said. Then her husband, Hassan Kitoto, said he too could not comprehend why God gave him such a child.  "I am equally scared. I have never seen such a human being. Whatever the elders will decide let it be.'' This is a pity! Everyone now blames God and felt no pity for the child. Even the villagers?  The villagers and family members wanted to throw the baby in a dungeon to let the ‘gods’ take care of her. But after she died they buried her outside her parent's home to ward off bad omen associated with such a child.   Did you hear that? The villagers called the child born by Mr. and Mrs  Mwakombo bad omens. Was it Satan that put the baby in her stomach? Could this really be bad omens or the fault of the baby that she doesn't have eyes?

According to the mother of the child,she could only attended two antenatal care clinics with no medical care and attention before the baby was born prematurely at home.  You see the point? When asked why all these fault from her,she said: “Hospitals are very far and I couldn’t afford the clinic at private hospitals. I used traditional methods. My water broke while I was doing my chores and she just came out. She’s seven months old. I never felt any pains during her birth. But on looking at her, we realized she did not have eyes. I was dumbfounded. The best we could do was throw her in a dungeon in a forest. I did not name her. I could not breastfeed her lest the omen falls on me”. Listen to this illiterate woman! She caused problems for her child and she is blaming another for it! What omens is she talking about here? Isn't she the omens? A baby born without eyes,died of starvation,villagers runs for their lives.

Finally,Medical doctors hinted that the child was born with a condition known as anophthalmia. It is a condition in which one or both eyes do not form during pregnancy. And we are sure that this happened because,the mother did not attend ante natal care for the well being and development of her child.Who knows? The traditional medicines she took might have damaged the eyes formation of the baby. Remember too,she was born prematurely!

Ask me and I will tell you that the parent of that baby caused the baby deformity,killed her with starvation and now blames her and her creator! Therefore,a born born without eyes,died of starvation,and the villagers run for their lives!!!

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