Monday, 28 August 2017

A kidnapper beheaded a man,makes pepper with his intestines

Photo: ''What I use to cook my food is fish. I don’t use human parts.'': Roland peter

Wonder shall never end! A kidnapper beheaded a man,makes pepper soup with his intestine. This was the news from River state Nigeria,where a man known as Mr.Roland Peter was caught cooking pepper soup. Because he belong to a notorious gang who kidnap people in the state,Mr. Peter was apprehended and it was then discovered that he was cooking pepper soup with human intestines for his gang.

This is really getting serious. The man in question here who was suspected to be a cannibal is a notorious kidnapper in the state. ' “The Command, in continuation of her onslaught against kidnapping, arrested one Roland Peter, a member of a notorious gang that kidnapped Pastor Samuel Okpara from Edoha Ahoada East LGA in Rivers State on August 15, 2017.'' Says the State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Zaki Ahmed, who spoke with newsmen while parading Peter and 22 other suspects at the State Command in Port Harcourt. He continued: ''the suspect was also in possession of riffles belonging to his gang.Pastor Okpara was kidnapped, beheaded and his liver and intestines were used to prepare pepper soup and plantain pottage. He was arrested while preparing the meal for his gang.''

The question is ''why would someone,a human be involved with two strong evil acts? Kidnapping,and cannibalism? I mean,this is too much. It is not enough that you kidnappers abduct humans like fish,you also kill people at the end of the day! Why would you be caught with riffles if you are not into evil business? Why were you clearly identified as a notorious kidnapper in River state ? You claimed that your wife does the cooking for you and everyone who wants food to eat as taught by your religion,which religion are you talking about that allows you give food to the poor  and still tolerates you a kidnapper? If your wife cooks for you,why were you caught cooking pepper soup and not your wife cooking? How do you again plead and defend this suspicious acts? Only  Roland Peter can give answers to all of these questions. He is the only person because he comes denying that it wasn't human intestines he cooks for pepper soup :

“Yes, I have a kitchen where I cook for people to come and eat. It is my religion that permits me to help people. Especially those who are hungry. But this thing that Police is saying that I cook with human parts is a lie. What I use to cook my food is fish. I don’t use human parts.''

“My wife makes the food and we give anybody that wants to eat. I am a man of God and also a mechanic. The police arrested me because they claim that cultists use to keep guns in my house which is not true.” When you see fish will you not know? Since when has fish been having intestines Mr.Peter? You really need to argue well for your defense!!!

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