Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A pastor impregnates a naked house wife and you blamed him?

Pastor Mathew who impregnated his followe,says it is the will of God

The news says that a pastor who prays for women only when they are naked impregnated a house wife. After the news release,people begin to throw different comments against the pastor,calling him all sorts of names in evil languages.

Okay,pastors are supposed to represent God yea? They also mean to represent morality and chastity,no doubt! Therefore,anyone who mocks,blames,or query the pastor is right but hey,I choose to differ here because I see in different directions.

A pastor who prays for women only when they are naked impregnate a naked house wife and you blame him? All of you should go and sit down! You are too too wrong! Is that how you see things?  A man who claims he is a man of God asked you to remove your clothe,pant and bra,and appear before him for prayers and  you did! Chai,you are more than being stupid! If an ordinary man on earth asked you to come naked to him would you have complied? Eh heeee,and you complied to a pastor eh? You see how you reason!

Many so called pastors have not only deceived  their followers but have blinded them. Pastors have made themselves demi gods and have also made their members turn their attention from God. How can a pastor,a man who call himself man of God ask you to do something immoral for God to hear your prayers and you believed him? Because he is called pastor? The problem is you who fails to be reasonable and not the pastor!

People who believe every Jack and Harry can accept to drink poison,as long as it is coming from their pastors and when they die,they coming reporting,blaming their pastors! Dear church goers,be reasonable,open your eyes,while following your church!!!!

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