Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A pastor rapes children,pleads guilty,and says ''It is devil's work''

Photo: A pastor  who rapes children says ''it is the devil's work''.

Just the other day as I was passing by,I heard the news : '' A pastor who prays to women only when they are naked,got a house wife pregnant''. We blamed the pastor,but not as much as people who still worship with him,especially women,who would actually descend so low and cowardly to pray in their nakedness with the pastor.

Now again,the news reaching us says that ''A Kano based pastor 13 year old twin sisters and their 11 year old sibling''. When this pastor was apprehended and arrested by the police,he confessed in the police station that he did it. He pleads guilty,but at last,the pastor blames the devil,saying : ''It is the work of the devil''.

My question is : Why would the action of a man be blamed to the devil? How would a man accept he is wrong,plead guilty and still says ''it is the work of the devil''? If it were the devil he raped those baby girls, if it were the work of the devil,then,that man would be the most foolish person to have accepted the action of another person or being!

Blaming the devil for our own wrong or evil actions is saying that the devil,not us,do bad things! But we know that we humans are weak and wicked,able to to the undo. Abeg,when you do something,accept it and stop blaming some devil somewhere! It makes matters worse!!

Back to the pastor who raped baby girls to have enormous power to perform his miracles. Yes,that was why he used to rape baby girl! Did you say it the devil's work? How pastor? Are you now eating with the devil? Sharing the same table with them?  Now we are sure! Yes,I knew that with the way you perform signs and miracles,it is not in vain. So it has been with the power of the devil right? Using that handsome name ''Jesus''to cover your evil and source of your power. Why are you even ashamed of the devil who gives you power? What has light to do with darkness? Read more: A pastor impregnates a naked house wife and you blamed him?

To the parent! Why do you over trust these men called pastors,living in the same yard with you to the point that you encourage your girls to get too close to them? You feel that they are men of God who read the Bible and keep God's commandment right? But you failed to recognize that they are humans with flesh and blood and something,dangling in between their legs! Pastors! How I fear and disrespect you!! A pastor rapes children,pleads guilty,and says '' it is devil's work!!!

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