Monday, 14 August 2017

A romantic lecturer who proposes to his student -

A romantic  lecturer who proposes to his student on her dinner night

Wow Wow Wow!!! Isn't this so romantic? A senior lecturer,a Head of department,being on his knee to get the hand of his girlfriend in marriage! This is not happening in any high institution so many of you would say,but I am telling you this is real! It happened at Ambrose Ali University,and the name of the lecturer is Dr. Ernest Nwoke. He kneels down before his woman and says : ''Baby will you marry me''? You can imagine the feelings his lady got that night,and of course,she couldn't be stupid but to say ''Yes,I will''.

Why this is so sweet and romantic is that while most lecturers take to s*xually abusing students,seeing them as being good enough for lying down and making love to them only,this lecturer,saw his leccturer protected his students,saw his heartthrob,nurtured her and having watched her grow to becoming a woman, proudly go down his knee before her in a dinner party and proposes to her. Dr. Ernest,you are such a romantic man! God bless you and your marriage for being a different kind of romantic lecturer ,ever !!

Surely,some people might criticize that the lecturer in question is too old to be a husband to this young lady,his student. But they lie! This lecturer is a mature man who is capable of taking care of a woman. Until a man is mature in both age and resources,he is not old enough to become a husband!!He has worked hard enough to get things prepared for any woman who will be his wife,and that is okay!!!

Congratulations,Dr. Ernest and your lady! May God bless your generations!!!

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