Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A warning advice to avoid being raped -

 Avoid situations that can make you being raped.

Needless or needful to say that rape is forcing s*xual act on someone who has not given his or her  consent. Both boys and girls can be raped,yes,and this happens everywhere in the world. In countries like South Africa and United states of America,girls and women are raped in broad day light on the street,and onlookers no longer feel too bad about it anymore.

Research has also shown that reasons for rape abound and in many cases,raped victims are the major causes of rape in society. Here,a reader,friend and sister,once again gives advice that girls should be on guard against rape.


A rapist was once caught  and asked why he raped a lady. His response was that the lady in question who he raped had been too full of herself. ''She comes out often half naked and when the boys call to cheer,she simply snub''.  He continued ''She always feel the boys on the street are no body,making us feel like lesser humans''.

We have heard stories of this kind many times. Negligence is a bad attitude,but it is not a reason to rape any girl or lady. But what can we say?  The worse is that any medicine after death, is a waste of resources and that is why,to before warn,is to before harm!

 Girls,please,do not snub any guy who only wishes to complement you. At least,exchange greetings and pleasantries if you do not want to get closer to them.

Morever,why would you be coming out half naked on the street and be parading in front of the boys? if you do not want to be abused by the boys,then keep your body tight and closed!  

Finally dear girls who are still growing,do not embarrass or raise insults on the boys simply because they call you ''Miss Queen''. Even if you choose to ignore them,at least,do so with respect. Do everything you can to avoid being raped by street boys and save your life,which either the police or the law cannot do for you! It is only up to you to do so for yourself.!!

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