Thursday, 24 August 2017

A wicked landlord puts himself into trouble!

 Photo: Tenants thrown out by their landlord,without eviction.

Well, first of all,we share our sympathy with the tenants whose landlord throws them and their properties out,without any notice of eviction. But could this landlord be drunk? Is he insane? Does he do this and then do that later? A landlord waking up one good morning only for him to throw his tenants out of his house without eviction notice? Hmm,am sure there are more to the story than the eyes can see!

I just wondered where we could start from in this case: A wicked landlord puts himself into trouble! Okay,the issue is that the landlord in question did not give what we call quit notice to his tenants before asking them to pack their things out of his house,according to the report. The quit notice usually comes from a legal practitioner,a lawyer. H e is the one that passes the quit notice letter to the tenants,stating the reasons while they have been asked to vacate their house,and when they should do so. That is the law,and that is how landlords should make their tenants vacate their house.

We did not hear from the landlord in question to know why he would throw out his tenants without eviction notice. However,we can judge from our experience in matters such as this,that the landlord must have had it on his neck! There are wicked tenants that will neither pay their house rents nor take care of the house. No matter how much pressure you exert on them,they will still not pay!

Looking at the above picture,you can tell for yourself somehow,why a landlord could throw his tenants out of his house. The police officers are there present at the time of the action,and they are there in their uniform,properly identified. To tell me that the landlord in question did not invite the government or that the government is not aware of the matter is one on which I would disagree with you.

The tenants must have pushed their landlord to act wickedly,putting himself into trouble! A wicked landlord puts himself into trouble!

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