Sunday, 20 August 2017

Another tip on how to escape rape

 Photo: How a lady was raped to death

We have written and spoken extensively,on how to avoid rape in many of our write ups and articles. We can also remember telling girls in a way of advice to take caution on how they dress and move around. Here however,is another tip brought to you on how to escape rape! Enjoy it!!!

Now,did we tell you of how a full grown lady was raped on a street one night in the other article on rape? The lady in description is big and hefty,she is not the kind that dresses stupidly! How come would such a decent woman be raped you might ask?  When rapist want to rape someone,they don't want to know whether she is all covered up or not! This is why you must learn tips on how to prevent,avoid and escape rape to help yourself.

Now this is it: The lady who was raped on a lonely street at night was raped because,she was full of confidence that nothing would happen. Don't ever be too sure that you cannot be raped at anytime. Rather,always arm yourself with tips on how to escape rape. For example,knowing that the street was lonely and the place was dark,what the lady who was raped should have done to avoid and escape rape was to wait a little more time for other passerby,who may include men. She could have also taken bike or whatever is the common means of transportation there,to convey her out of that lonely and fearful path!

However,here is another tip on how to escape rape! Let's say that some boys come to your house and meet you lying in your bed. What should you do,knowing that their eyes are already on you? Alright,this is what you should quickly do: Sit up or bend your kneels on the floor while your eyes are closed. Make sure you are comported and show no fear. Then begin by saying:  I do not know you people and I am sure you do not know me too. I have never meant any bad to any of you and I don't go making troubles for people too. Please brother, don't do this to me. Don't do this to someone who can become your wife tomorrow. You never can tell,I can even become part of your family tomorrow,please,please...

A lot of people have used these expressions and escaped rape. Just make sure you are bold so that they will wonder whom you are and get the message.
If you try the best possible you can to escape rape,God will surely give you your handsome reward!!!

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