Sunday, 27 August 2017

''Any Christian woman that wears high shoes is married to the world''

Photo: High shoes are not for godly people : Gideon Akande

You see why it seems that I don't like this so called Christians? Yes,they do and say the things that Jesus can never say or do. How could someone,whether man or woman release this kind of statement on line saying: ''Any Christian woman that wears high shoes is married to the wold''. Are you Christ? Does Christianity belong to you? Are you the maker and finisher of Christian doctrines?

I am very sure that the giver of this message is just an ordinary church goer who sleeps in church like he is Mr holiness. Before you know it,he will start having dreams from malaria,saying it is from God! You,beware!! Beware of someone who says that any Christian woman that wears high shoes is married to the world!

Please where is Gideon Akande? He was the man who released this lousy talk on social media and am going to tell the Nigerian Army to arrest him for this kind of speech.This is slander and the same thing with hate speech on people who like to look good. He  Gideon A kande also says that '' no godly or chaste woman wears high shoes''. Isn't Gideon Akande myopic? What have high heel shoes got to do with chastity? Hmm,oh!

Yes,talking about godliness,should worshipers of God look tattered? Is God low that His worshipers should be low too? The Scriptures which books or chapters I cannot remember now says that ''God is in the highest heaven,He is in lofty place and that His riches and glory are splendors! The scripture also says somewhere : ''Oh you lovers of God,love what is good!'' Aren't  these shoes

good in your eyes Gideon Akande?

Ladies,beware of persons like Gideon. They like making ones morale low,and forcing people to buy their ideology,using the shade of God and Christianity. These too are the people who will tell you ''don't make up'' and your lips and body will just look dry as if you are suffering from one sickness. Ladies,beware off men who say: ''Any Christian that wears high shoes is married to the world''. There is no sense in the message. It is so myopic,and unreasonable!!!

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