Thursday, 17 August 2017

At what age should one begin to write autobiography about success?

Photo: I lost my virginity to my married music teacher at 17

Olayode Juliana,the former Jenifa's dairies top co-star known as ''Toyo baby'' recently reveals that she lost her virginity to her married music teacher at the age of 17 and how she rises from grass to grace. This young lady is being criticized that it is too earlier for her to start any autobiography about her success at 22. Then we ask: ''At what age should one begin to write his autobiography?'' 

The worse part of the criticism of  the young pretty,Toyo baby is the fact that this young lady didn't write any success she has had. No! Rather,all Toyo baby had to write was her ugly experiences so far in life,starting from when she lost her virginity to her music teacher who brainwashed her with promises of marriage,how again she was s*xually abused by her church pastor,how her talent  was used by Jenifa's diaries without paying enough for it and how the young lady could not be admitted to study mass communication because of poverty. I didn't get the sense of the question being asked by the almighty Lynda Ikeji : ''is 22 not too young to be writing an autobiography, especially about success? Shouldn't you give yourself time to grow and achieve more?''

 I think the critique here does not understand the message of Toyo baby in the first place before going into judgement. In her inner and spoken voices,Toyo baby is not saying she has arrived,thus,giving account of her successes in life at 22. This young lady is simply relating to us the challenges life has posed on her and how she has overcome them without giving up in life. Toyo baby needs our commendations instead!

But wait, is it because the caption of Toyo baby reads: ''From grass to grace''  that made Lynda conclude that Toyo baby is already telling her successes?  Lynda,we think you truly need to read in order to understand and not just reading in order to criticize!

Toyo baby,we share your pains and tribulations over the years and we truly commend you for your many years of endurance without giving up! Even if you are already making success and telling us about it at 22,congratulations baby,22 is not in any way,too early for one to start counting successes!!!

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