Thursday, 24 August 2017

Baby mama drama: One man impregnates the other's girlfriend

 Photo: One player,impregnates the other's girlfriend

Isn't this life full of dramas? Can you imagine that? One man impregnates the other's girlfriend? This is not to say that the person or the man who impregnates another person's girlfriend,didn't know that the girl he impregnated has a boyfriend. No,the man who impregnates another person's girlfriend knew that that lady has a boyfriend. He knows her boyfriend,and her boyfriend is also his friend,a very close friend!

What is happening in the world of love and relationship? Who is to be blamed for this arrant nonsense? The girl or the boy who got her pregnant?

Well,let's take it this way: You know how bad men can be right? Many times not once or twice,we have heard and seen how men can actually go after ladies in their engagement rings,offering them roses to turn their attention from their boyfriends. We have also seen a situation where ones best friend went after his friend's fiancee,and cheated on him. The man went to the house of his best friend's fiancee and told her that if she really wanted his friend to marry her,she has to please him by sleeping with him just once,and he would then convince him to marry her and pay her bride price fast! The girl became very stupid and senseless that she agreed. Slept with her boyfriend best friend as he requested! Well,the consequences of this is the story for the gods.

For the girls,I don't need to mention how dangerous some of them can be too! We have seen situations where girls would meet or call their friends' fiancees to discourage them from getting married to their friends. We have also heard that some of these bad girls also go as far as having s*x with their friends' fiancees to take their places.

In the baby mama drama: One man impregnates the other's girlfriend,the girl is the one we should blame. If only she had said know to her boyfriend best friend and colleague she wouldn't have been pregnant,and this shameful act,wouldn't have been heard. In matters like this,the ball is always in the ladies court! Men don;t impregnate any woman who does not open her legs for them! If you open your legs for men,they will get you pregnant,no matter who you are! Whether you are their girlfriends,or their friend's girl friend,yes,they will!!!

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