Saturday, 19 August 2017

Why on earth should gay be beaten to death??

 Photo: A gay got beaten to coma by gang 

There is something that I don't like. Lack of understanding! And there is another thing that I hate with passion: Making or forcing someone to be like you are,or thinking that your ways are most upright!

Fine,over 90% of human race including I,agree that gay or homosexuality is absolutely abnormal and unnatural. But,beaten someone or harassing somebody because he is gay is not just unfair,but arrant nonsense.  What sense does it make? Are you God? Is it your body or your temple that gay abuses? What is your own in the business of how someone chooses to live his life or her life??

The gays have said that the only way they enjoy s*x is having it with their fellow men. Some of them have also claimed that they were born gay and that is all they know!  What can you do than to keep on the watch??

Human rights are full of deep meanings. It means that you have every right to express yourself and live the way you want.  Should anyone bridge or try to interrupt or stop you,it becomes a serious abuse and you have the right to sue the offender to court .

Life is that bad no doubt,and many things have gone wrong and sour in our time! Is gay the only bad thing in your eyes? Maybe,but there are many other things that have gone sorrow too. How do you feel when you hear that a father lies down with his own daughter and gets her pregnant? How do you also see the situation where an old woman of about 60 years  marries a young boy of about 25 years old? her own grand son??? Maybe you like the situation where a man is pictured,having s*x with a cow in the bush,putting his manhood in the anus of the cow right? Many things have gone bad and sour in our time my dear.

Since we all are humans with equal right to live the life we have chosen for ourselves,let's just leave everything in the hands of God,the creator of life and giver of it. He,and He alone is the only one that has the absolute power to condemn and destroy all bad practices on earth!! Not you,not I or any human,my dear!!!

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