Monday, 21 August 2017

Ladies,see why you shouldn't end your relationship with your own hands.

I learnt my bitter lessons,calling off my wedding plans

Ladies,see why you shouldn't end your relationship with your own hands.

It is true that relationships are sweet and bitter,relationships also bring joy and tears. In a way of advice,ladies eyes have been opened when they were told that ''relationship should be enjoyed and not to be endured!''

Is there anything on earth that is all sweet? Does the good book not say that endurance brings reward  at last? What are we saying?

No doubt,there are relationships that are obviously bad,one not be reckoned with! All that smells around it is nothing but sadness and pains! Should this kind of relationship be quit? If the lady sees that it is simply the best she can do to be happy again,if he feels that she is rather in chains,let her quit!

What if a man tries so hard to make everything meet but he couldn't succeed? Let's say that the only side and area he faulters is in the area of promise and fail,saying he would take his lady out later in one the evening and he couldn't turn up because of situations he cannot control. Let's also say that he often forgets to give her a call as he should,but shows he loves her in many other ways, should she end her relationship with her own hand? That will be a stupid thing to do! Allow the man to take decision here. He alone knows whether he is a man capable or not,he alone knows whether he wants you in his life or not!  If a man does not want you,he won't pretend to please or love you!

Ladies,you shouldn't end your relationship for just little or no reason. Why would you call off a relationship that makes you be in love simply because,you don't get everything you want in it? Is there  anyone who gets all he wants in life?  Dear ladies,you shouldn't end your relationship with your own hands except if the relationship saps you,and takes much of a better you with not future with it in view!!!

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