Sunday, 20 August 2017

Can a baby make a man stick to you??

 Photo: A baby cannot make a man stick to you: Ajaba Adeoye

There is this thing  that people believe in. It is the fact that couples cannot really be attached,really be close to each other,if they don't have children of their own. Some people believe that when there is no child at home in marriage,the love a husband has for his wife will definitely reduce,and till today,I still doubt that philosophy!

When a man sees a woman he is attracted to,is it having babies from her that brings the attraction? Never! But being with her! The attraction is from the things he has seen in the girl or in the woman which could include her inner or physical beauty,her attitude,her carriage,intelligence,or assets. No man or woman is ever loved because he or she is seen or imagined carrying a baby!

For me,I would even say that babies can make husband and wife to reduce the love they have for each other,as they would have to share some measure of their love with their kids! Take an example: It is a common practice for a father to love a particular child more than others,so is the mother right? What then happens to a husband and his wife if the child the husband loves so much is not the one that his wife picked as the one after her heart? Would you now say that babies or a baby can make a man stick to you,his wife? Now,the bond begins to loosen as differences now comes between them because of a baby.

Women are always advised to kit up and dress well even at home in order to maintain the attraction which lured their husbands to them but not to have babies right? So what are we saying? Can a baby make a man stick to you?

The thought that babies can make a man stick to you is what have led many girls astray to getting pregnant,thinking that at the mention of the fact that they are pregnant,their boyfriends would go pay their bride price. Unfortunately however,this believe of having a baby in order to ''make a man stick to you'' has deceived many and will still deceive more! Can a baby make a man stick to you?

Babies no doubt are very important in homes and marriages,but they surly have their own roles to play. Yes,when a woman gives birth to a baby,she becomes the mother of her husband's child,and they bear the same name and that is it!

I have not seen a reasonable man who hates his wife because of childlessness,but I have seen many who not only hated  their wives but have also thrown them out for their stupid conducts and behaviors. Can a baby make a man stick to you?

In conclusion,we can say that as long as there is love between husband and wife,as long as they are still one heart that beats as one,whether there is a child or not,they will always be together and stick together while waiting for their babies!!!

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