Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Child abuse,child murder,and child careless upbringing -

 A little girl jumps inside a well while playing and died.

This is not a story but a sad news reaching us from , reader who shares with us a photo of  a little girl who falls into a well and died! Can anyone blame the child from falling? Yes,many did,but they were all wrong for doing so!  Imagine some people saying: Didn't she have eyes? Didn't she see the well was open? And all of that.

Come to think of it: If a child sees and knows that certain thing will hurt or kill her ,do you think they will go near it? Even infants cling on their carriers,holding firmly on them,in order not to fall. How much more when they have grown older!

Alright,we assume that the kids were playing in their compound as usual,running here and there and unfortunately,one of them ran towards the well side. Unknown to the girl,the well is either not properly covered or was completely left opened and on getting there,she slid into it and drowned.

Who is to be blamed for this incident? simply the parents and all adults living in that yard. Some parents are so careless with their children so much that even when they see certain dangers,they would over look it not minding that their children might be affected. What about adults and landlords living in the same place? They are also culprits and accomplices to the accident that took the life of that child.

The environment in which some parents grow their children are so pathetic that if you see it with your eyes,you will feel very sorry for the children born in that environment. It will be as if to say that no one should give birth to any child,if they do not have  a conducive environment for their upbringing!

What matters in child upbringing is not to give birth to children,but to carefully train them and raise them in a conducive environment,where they can grow up and become successful children. Anyone who thinks she does not have time for her children should not also think of getting pregnant to have  any!!!

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