Saturday, 12 August 2017

Child murder by a father-

Photo: A man murdered his son for stealing a neighbor's belt

You see our point? Anytime we hear of murder,it would come from men all the time. It's either they kill their wives or their children,after all they are men and the headship of their homes rest on their shoulder.

Now let's get straight to the story: the father of the boy in the above picture killed his son because his son stole a neighbor's belt. Looking at the picture of the boy,we can tell that he is not more than 7 years. He is still a child and his course in life is still a training in progress.

What we are saying is this : Mr. Shikiru Adebayo's son steals,yes,but the fault of this problem must have been from his parent. No child is born thief,but goes astray if his desire for someting is not cared for by his parent or guardian.

There are however two reasons while Adebayo's son stole his neighbor's belt. One of the reasons is that Mr. Adebayo's son must have been in need of a belt,perhaps his trousers or nicker had been wearing out from his buttock. Mr. Adebayo must have noticed this need of his son,but as an African man,such things are not important or necessary. Another reason why Adebayo's son stole was because of lack of parental upbringing. Mr. Adebayo and his wife did not show their son the right way to go so that even when he grows old,he would not depart from it.

If however there is any reason why Adebayo killed his son,it is because,he does not want to have a criminal for a son tomorrow. Can you imagine Mr. Adebayo's reasoning? This is a child murder by a father due to ignorance and incompleteness of learning! No well trained child will tomorrow become a thief except if that child chooses to become one tomorrow!!!

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