Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Couples playing love in public?

 Photo: Couples caught making love outside the beach

Starting from the alter of God,a newly wedded couple may be asked : ''You may kiss your bride''. It is under probability that some couples may not be comfortable to do so in public,so it is said ''you may''! It is also right to say that couples who are legally married as husbands and wives are the only ones given the legal right to have s*x with their mates,but are these people also given the license to do so in public where all eyes can see? Is the action of couples playing love in public reasonable?

There are also other couples who would not want to play or make love with their mates in public. However,there is this other thing they do which is not far from making love to one's mate in public : Touching ,robbing,and patting the back of their mates while sitting in a large gathering. What's that? Is that what you are out there for? Even in church? Who do you want to impression or show that you love your mate? Read more: Lesbians crying to have children?


There is another kind of showy display of romance,couples playing love in public that we have also noticed. What is this about a husband joining his wife later in the day from work at a social or spiritual gathering,only to kiss or peck her out there to say ''welcome''?  In public? Where both the single and kids are? In fact,our eyes have also witnessed where couples hold the hands of each other romantically,while praying in the house of God knowing that there is someone single and searching right at their back. Is this fair? Making her envy and jealous? Telling her she is really missing something sweet?

Couples,we are not asking you to show us you love your mates! We don't even need you to impress us with that no,you owe it only to your mate,and your mate alone!

Studies and research have shown and proven that couples who display love in public are the ones who lack deep and affection for love for each other.  This is to say that those men who play Mr Romantic with their wives outside,hardly do so inside,at home! You see the point? Couples playing love in public???

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