Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Can Mentally Disabled People Fall In Love?


The question of whether mentally disabled people fall in love is one question that has troubled the minds of many. What do you think?

When someone is mentally disabled,he finds it difficult to manage with normal people in his environment right? We also understand that mentally disabled people do not reason or communicate  well right? Then how come they also fall in love?? Can they say the word ''love''? Can they say it to people they are emotionally attached to?  Can mentally disabled people fall in love? We really need to know!

You see,love they say has spirit. It first attacks the heart and seizes it. This explains the simple reason why even mentally  disabled people who cannot coordinate themselves,reason or contribute in any sorts of development fall in love with their likes and enjoy some romance together. That is love! It's a thing of the heart and mind,and not the brain. It can only happen in a love filled lives where and when the spirit of love is present.

You say that love is blind and now you can't understand why mentally disabled persons cannot be in love right? That means,you are not sure of your sage or you don't understand what that statement means. 

My dear,love has nothing to do with the brain,but with the mind,heart and spirit! Yes we ask : Can mentally disabled people fall in love?

If love is only for the well and hearty,then,the world would have been so partial,discriminating and unfair!!! Again we ask: Can mentally disabled people fall in love?

Does the fact that one is mentally disabled make one a nonhuman we ask you?? So what are we saying/?

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