Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Flashy women bad choice of marriage?

 Photo: A woman who doesn't know red bottom is a wife material:
Boyce watkins

Every day news on social media,every day conversation on monikmotivational.com! Here they come again that flashy women are bad choices of marriage. The person who has this concept and philosophy says to his friend: If you really want to get a good wife,make choice with a woman who is not flashy,a woman who does not know what red bottom is''!

This expression,is absolutely a misconception! Why would ssomeone on earth feel that a woman who is flashy cannot make a good wife? Okay,this expression reminds of an India woman who devorces her husband because he does not have toilet in his house! This report might sound crazy or unbelievable,but it is true. Did that woman divorce her husband because she is flashy? She simply wanted to have some comfort in her house. What is wrong with someone wanting to be comfortable Mr Boyce Watkins? Flashy women bad choice of marriage you said? Read more : Should flaunting be the way to get admiration?

Being flashy means you are able to give yourself just what you need at the right time! Is anything wrong with that? Flashing women are usually the ones you marry and they turn you around with blessings. They have the connections,they know how to build their  husbands rich and big!

You know,there was a day my good friend told me that the reason he is getting married to a lady is because she is humble. When I looked at her family background,I could tell why she was really humble and so asked my friend : She doesn't have anything that could give her some pride. Is it her illiterate parent? Her poor home and upbringing?  What could have been the source of pride for this lady you call Miss humble?'' Listen,I continued : ''If you want to know who is humble,go to children from affluent homes who have everything at their disposal. If their riches don't get to their heads and make them act superior,then,you can say they are humble! Not just any girl with nothing,from nowhere!!'' Flashy women bad choice of marriage??

Dear gentle man,if you see a flashy woman in her beautiful car,shoes and home that you love,do not be discouraged to get close,even if you don't have your ride. She should help you become that man you always dream to be. For my young aspiring lady,never listen to the philosophy that flashy women can't make a good wife. They are tongues that bring the disease of poverty and wretchedness to humans! Reject the philosophy and fly high!!! Read more: DOES BEING IN KITCHEN MAKE ONE A WIFE MATERIAL?

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