Friday, 25 August 2017


Photo: Advice 35 year old men to get married to be responsible: Salvation Ministry

Do you agree that a man is irresponsible if he reaches the age of 35 and he is not married?  Is a 35 year old man irresponsible if he is still single? Why would a pastor,the senior pastor of Salvation Ministry pastor David Ibiyeomie advice 35 year old men to get wives so they can be responsible?

Well,on my own,in my own senses and wisdom,if a man is 35 years old and he is not married,it doesn't mean he is irresponsible! What I call irresponsibility is when a man becomes an adult and does not behave well. When he fails to be useful to himself ,his family and community at large,he is irresponsible. When a man is not productive,that all he cares is to depend on his parent or younger siblings to survive,he is irresponsible! You can not call a man irresponsible simply because he is 35 years old and has not been married! This is an unfair judgement to give,past David Ibiyeomie!

Can anyone call a lady who is 35 years or above and who has not yet married irresponsible? Why not? Is it because she is a woman? But the yardstick with which pastor David,the senior pastor of the church''Salvation Ministry uses to measure ones level of responsibility are ''age'' and ''marriage''! Give him a wife if he is irresponsible he says!

There are men we know who would not get married until they have built houses and comfortable homes for their future wives and children. Would anyone say that these kind of people,hard working men are irresponsible? What is pastor David saying? ''Give him a wife if he is irresponsible''!

What if a man is still busy training and investing on his siblings,making sure his first home is in good shape and order before stepping to have his own family,would you say that he is irresponsible? Why would pastor David say that if a man is 35 years and he is not yet married,he is irresponsible? Why did he say: Give him a wife if he is irresponsible??? Does marriage make any irresponsible man to be responsible? How pastor David and you believers???

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