Monday, 21 August 2017

How far is too far in a relationship?

A lady tattooed the picture of her boyfriend 
in her throat to show the dept of her love

A lot of things happen in relationships these days. Which we will talk about and leave the others? In some relationships,girls would pack their luggage and move to their boyfriends house,living as wives,and in other relationships,some ladies will target on getting pregnant for their guys and all of that.  Here we have another thing and I think it is the latest trend : Carving a tattoo of the picture of your boyfriend in your body! How far is too far in a relationship?

Okay,we can understand that love is crazy,but should someone go about it looking stupid? Why should love make one look like a devil,one to be scared of? Why should love make one lose her senses and go insane?

When someone makes tattoo in his skin,it is often permanent right? Fine,let's say that the boyfriend whom the lady above tattooed his picture in her throat leaves her for another girl tomorrow,what will she do? Going with the picture of another woman's husband in her neck right?  Let's say something tragic happens tomorrow to that guy,will she continue to bear Mrs.nobody? How far is too far in a relationship?

A normal and good relationship does not have to be lousy,no! Relationship is a very beautiful thing in the lives of mature men and women and should be given some respect. When you are having a picture of a man who is not yet married to you,are you not going too far? When you are already sharing the same bed with a man who is not your husband,are you not going to far? When you are calling your boyfriend your hubby are you not going far? How far is too far in a relationship?

In whatever you are doing in your relationship girlsalways,remember that it is not everything that one touches that one owns at the end of the day! Sometimes,the things we think that belong to us leave us and disappear into thin air.  Ladies,be sure you have him 100% before you give your all and you take his all!!!

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