Thursday, 10 August 2017

How to be in a right relationship -

Don't start splashing money on any lady you want to marry-Joro Olumofin 

A lot of people have said and even suggested that if you are in a relationship and your guy doesn't spend or lavish money on you,then you are not really loved. Hmmm,this is now one of the romantic topics that have made headlines in relationships. Well,a relationship blogger and Psychologist,whose name is Joro Olumofin has a different opinion. In his open letter to single men still searching,he says : Don't start spending money or splashing money on any girl you want to marry''. Do you agree with Mr. Joro? Is that how to be in a relationship?

Come to think of it: A man says he wants to marry a woman and he definitely has to prove that he is capable,and able to keep his woman in good condition right?. How will this suitor prove his claims if he listens to Joro and does not spend money on his woman? Hmm,Mr.Joro,is this is how to be in a right relationship sir??

Okay,let's take another direction: A young man sees a lady and he likes her the way she is,except that she likes money and men who are really want to spend on her. Yes, he doesn't really have the money to spend on the woman and he doesn't want to lose her either. What he next chooses to do is to go borrow money and begin to splash it on her for the woman to accept him. What do you think? Will this young man really keep the woman at home after marriage when she discovers that her husband is not really well to do as she thought? In your right mind,is this how to be in a right relationship?

Well,if the second example of a young man who claims what is he not in order to get the woman he wants is what my dear Joro means,then,Joro my sweet heart is definitely right!! This is how to be in a right relationship!! You don't give what you don't have!

My point is this: There is definitely nothing wrong if any man wishes to splash his money on his woman. If his delight is to be touring round the world with her every now and then and his pocket can do it,let him do it,after all,no one can eat his cake and have it again! However,what is wrong and absolutely wrong is when a man knows he does not belong to a wealthy class and behaves like he does,if a man knows that he is a stingy type who does not like to spend and pretends to spend just to get a woman,then,say woe to such man. Woe to him because,he is the same one that will suffer for the consequences,when the woman begins to demand her needs and wants.

How to be in a right relationship is simple! One:

Do not claim what you are not.

Do not promise what you can not give.

Do not borrow to make up your lapses,that is fake! Finally,

Show that you love someone and tell her your plans for the future. If she accepts you the way you are,then,be sure that you will truly have a happy marriage tomorrow!!!!

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