Thursday, 17 August 2017

How Troubles and Trials make a better you -

 Photo:Dammy Krane: ''Trials make you a person''

Just how one is conceived and being given birth to,no one really knows,not even the Doctors. Most times we give and attribute glory and thanks to the God almighty. Medical Doctors on explaining how babies are formed would tell us that it is a matter of when a man sleeps with a woman and they have intercourse,the sperm breaks the break,and that is it! The woman becomes pregnant. Then,talking about  child delivery,it is only a miracle that can do it. Making a baby come out from the womb through mummy's vagina. It is simply a miracle,only God can do!

Many times,an adage says : ''Man is born free but everywhere in chain.'' Is there anyone who has no troubles? Even the rich also cry you remember? That is true. Troubles and Trials are part of human lives.To survive the heat of this system,one has to truly arm oneself very strong! See,this is how Troubles and Trials make you a person:

You sure know gold right? Yes,even if you have not had or seen one,you must have heard about it. For gold to be out fine,it must go through intense fire to be purified. That is a lesson from nature. Troubles and Trials make you a person in that same way. They don't destroy you! Everything from infancy has to do with learning and adaptation. You learn at home and you also learn in schools. You become a graduate and you still have to go out to labor market and hustle for a job like others.  When you get the job,you struggle so hard to keep it! When you come home,you still face the battle in home front to keep everyone in good shape. Does it kill you? Never! It rather makes you a man or a woman you should be in life.

Troubles and Trials are in different faces. They include: Break up in relationships and marriages,unable to have children in marriage,lack of job and employment, incurable ill health that one will just have to live with till he dies,and every other thing that makes life uncomfortable  to live with. Yours can never be mine,neither can mine ever be yours! But in whatever case,Troubles and Trials can never mar you,but make you!!!

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