Thursday, 31 August 2017

I came,I saw and I cancer. What could have caused this morphological error?

Could these sentences be a mistake or an error?

''I came,I saw and I cancer.'' Please don't laugh,but seriously,this was the statement a fresh university graduate who was so excited to share his graduation celebration on his page feeds. We are so so sure that what this young guy wanted to say was: ''I came,I saw and I conquered!'' How come,he said: I came,I saw and I cancer? What could have caused this morphological error?

You know we could also call this ''a mistake'',but it all depends on whether the writer understands that he has made a morphological mistake in his spelling ''conquer'' for ''cancer'' or not. One of the differences between a ''mistake and ''error'' is that one is called a mistake if the speaker speaks from a slip of  tongue or if he speaks under tense.Mistakes are not resulted from ignorance or from incompleteness of learning. Error on the other hand are words uttered as a result of incompleteness of learning,or ignorant of words by the speaker. This is to say that if one does not know the correct spelling of words,whatever wrong he makes is called an error,and not a mistake!

So,what could have caused the morphological error of this young fresh university graduate who wrote ''I came,I saw,and I cancer'',rather than,''I came,I saw,and I conquered?


Lack of concentration while speaking and writing.

Lack of consciousness to the correct use of words.

Failure to proof read words before sending or passing their messages.

Slip of tongue or mind

Tension or stage fright.

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