Saturday, 12 August 2017

Is this feminism or ...?

 Photo: A woman stabbed her husband to death during heavy disagreement

A woman stabs her husband to death! Believe it,it is a news and not a joke. But you know this kind of news is not usual of women but men. Every now and then you hear man beating his wife to coma or wife beaten to death by her husband and all of that. Read more: Child murder by a father-

Since the news says that a woman stabbed her husband to death during heavy agreement,we are now beginning to wonder if this is a kind of feminism or not. Feminism in the sense that whatever is due to a man should also be granted a woman as whatever thing that is good for goose is also good for geese!

Let's get down to the real business of the day. Yes,a woman in Adamawa state whose name is Halima stabbed her husband and he died. The cause of her action was a serious disagreement with her husband . Whatever the issue of their disagreement was is not important as it has already taken a human life. Halima's husband died and Halima lost her soul mate in anger!( Sorry dear,it's so painful. But you caused it!!)

Let's get it straight. According to Rariya, ''Ibrahim (Halima's husband) had gone to the market to buy food ingredient for his wife to cook. On his return, he discovered she had gone out without informing him. He went out and then when he came back home, he met her slicing Okro. They got into an argument when he inquired from her why she left the house without informing him.  In the process, Halima used the knife she had in her hand to stab Ibrahim. His remains has been deposited at the state morgue.''

Their problems are lack of trust and anger. First,Halima's husband did not trust his wife and so he suspected that she must have gone out to see another man while he was out to a market. Then on the other hand,Halima lacks good quality that a woman should have. Her lack of respect for husband made her not to give explanation to her husband on where she went to suspiciously. Rather than giving her husband an explanation due to him,she gave him a stab he never deserved! A man who loved her so much enough to go to market for her.( too bad Halima,too bad!)

Is this feminism or something else?  A woman asked her husband to go to market for her and then went out to somewhere unknown to her husband. When her husband inquired to know where she went to she used a knife and stabbed him to death instead of giving him an answer.

Anyway the police have arrested her and that is all for now.....Any query for Halima???

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