Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Ladies,a woman sues her parent to court for still being single and for being ugly,

 Photo: A 44 year old woman sues her parent for being

There is nothing we can't have in news these days. A 44 year old woman from California sues her parent to court because she is ugly.Her name is Annabelle Jefferson,she is fat,with blond round face,looking obese with catlike eyes. Ladies,a woman sues her parent to court for being single and ugly! Would you side her?

Once upon a time,there was a lady who said that her parent,especially her mother was very fortunate that she gave birth to her and took care of her and her siblings,giving them education and every thing necessary to support their lives. When I asked her what she meant,she  says: ''If my parent have given birth to me when they have no plans for my decent upbringing and I grow to be useless or backward among my equals,I would have made sure they regret giving birth to me. Why should parent produce children like factories,when they have no resources to take care of them?''

Wow! For the first time ever,I began to reason in that lane. It became a food for thought,that it is not all about giving birth to children,but to take care of them properly.

Back to the California woman of 44 years who sued her parent to court for being ugly,accusing them for being the reason why she is still being single,what have her parent got to do with all that? What Annabelle did is equal to saying that a child sues her parent to court for giving birth to her a female child,instead of a male child! Do parents make a child?

Ladies,a woman sues her parent to court for being single and ugly,and we are now asking her : Annabelle,are your parent responsible for your formation? Did they even know when and how you were formed?Did they even know when you took your first entrance to the womb? The day your mother discovered you have enter into her stomach to come this earth was the day you made her lost her period,and caused her great discomfort and inconveniences. You see,ladies,a woman sues her parent to court for being single and ugly! Read more: Ladies,see how friends can destroy your relationships

But parent,in the areas you know it is in your hand to control and effect and contribute in anything that will affect your children,do well to make wise decisions! For example,you shouldn't marry sickle cell carrier SS,when you are also one no matter the love and affection. There is nothing in heaven or on earth that can change the chance of making you have a baby or babies with SS,the medical condition,which can make your child suffer great pains and die! If  Annabelle's case is this,we all would have supported her in the court of law! But babe,this is you,and you are beautifully made! Just wait a little more,and you shall see that man,in whose eyes,you are very special,more beautiful,than anyone else!!!

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