Friday, 18 August 2017

Love and jealousy that result to murder -

photo: A school boy who stabs his love rival in front of his ex girlfriend.

Is there any love without jealousy?  I mean,can you allow your boyfriend who truly loves you to share some treat with your roommate  or good friend?  What I mean is this : Let's say that he is used to calling you everyday and night to check on you,will you feel well if he also calls your girlfriend as soon as he drops his call with you to also find out how she is doing? Would you be happy to share him,your romantic boyfriend with anyone else in anyway? Obviously you will say no because I know you so well when it comes to love matter! Love,is so sweet to share!!

Okay there is this love and jealousy that result to murder we like to share with you anyways. It is about a young school boy of 17,just 17 years old,who killed his 16 year old love rival by stabbing him in front of his ex girlfriend . His reason for this murder? His love rival got hooked with his ex girlfriend! Can you imagine that? ( Was he expecting his ex to remain as single as he is for life?)

You see,if the 17 year old boy who killed his love rival by stabbing him in the heart did so because the boy dates or snatches his girl or fiancee,we could somehow understand,but the news says that the girl his love rival dates was his ex. What has past got to do with present? Nothing. They re two different things that can never meet but not actually when it comes to love affairs as we have seen!

Come to think of it again: You dated one man and later the relationship failed and both of you parted your own ways and you found love again. Your ex seeing you with another man begins to feel jealous that another man now has you. He refused to get his eyes off you and threatens death. Because you know that it's over between you and your ex,you see the threat as empty as slate,but that is true,until he finally stabs your newly founded heartthrob right in front of you. This shows how strong love is!

Love goes with jealousy. Anyone who loves,as in who truly loves knows that whether he is your ex or not,the moment your parts cross anywhere,your heart surely gives a witness and your heart testifies with jumps. Yes,whenever and wherever you ever see him or her with someone your sex,you will surely remember  those days it was you with him or her. Real love never dies right?? Have you not seen love and jealousy that result to murder???

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