Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Military on action against hate speech : Nigerians react!

Photo: Military to monitor social media against hate speech

Just few weeks ago,the Federal government of Nigeria through the body of Nigeria Broadcasting Commission,NBC, ordered all radio and television stations in the country to put a stop to any hate speech coming from their guests,or callers. Any stations which airs hate speech pays some heavy fines. Read more: Nigeria Broadcasting Commission NBC to make hate speech treasonable? In this 21 century??

A lot of well meaning Nigerians reacted to this law,for example,Governor Fayose says that such laws are plans of government to silence corruption and other evil practices in government. Now, the military has come in to of course exaggerate the law. What does the Director of Defence Information,Major-General John Enenche mean when he says that the activities of Nigerians on social media is now being monitored for hate speech, anti-government and anti-security information, by the military? Is Major-General Enenche saying that Nigerians do not have right to exercise their freedom of speech and expression? Is he in any way saying that one should keep quiet and accept wrong treatment of all sorts?

What General Enenche forgets and needs to be reminded are these:

  • Nigeria is now in the state of democracy,not military anymore. 

  • The government practiced in Nigeria is a government of the people,by the people and for the people.

  • Saying that Nigerians activities in social media is now being monitored is saying that the government and the military want Nigerians to keep silence over corrupt and evil practices against them in the state of democracy.

Military on actions against hate speech: Nigerians react!

''No amount of intimidation by Nigerian Army can gag citizens' expression of their feelings through the social media''. Special force Army.

Fellow #Nigerians. In light of #NigerianArmy announcement, I hereby retire from #NGPolitics twitter with immediate effect & alacrity Thanks :Unknown

''The Nigerian army has left its duty of defending citizens, it is now gagging freedom of speech. Shame on the Nigerian army'' Ejike on twitter.

The list goes on and on this issue: Military on action against hate speech : Nigerians react!! By the way what is this hate speech order than the fact that when a government brings a bad policy that has dire consequences on their citizens,their citizens frown at it with their speech? Is anything wrong with that???

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