Friday, 11 August 2017

Mother- child abuse-

Photo:A heartless Florida mother starved and drowned her daughter to death

Stories of child abuse abound. They are of different kinds and in different faces. Stories and cases of child abuse are reportedly seen and heard in all the four corners of the earth,reining in the homes of black  and white indigenes of the earth!

The most common forms of child abuse are the ones seen among child trafficking,child- street hawking ,parents sending their children to live with some people,and the likes. Here in this article,we have a very strange kind of child abuse- mother-child abuse!

The case of a Florida mother who starved and drowned her daughter to death after trying other evil means to kill her as a child failed until the girl was 11 years old is an example of mother-child abuse. This is a situation,where a mother who gave birth to her own baby,hated her so much that the only thing she bents on doing was to kill her suckling. We no doubt know that this woman has a problem,and it is beyond demonism!

This is the kind of women who will get pregnant out of wedlock and would do everything possible to terminate the lives in their wombs but won't succeed. Then after giving birth to their babies,they would pledge with all their hearts not to give their babies any peace or rest until they succeed in killing them.

Okay,we know that your ignorance deceived you and so you have some intercourse with one naughty and irresponsible man which resulted to pregnancy. But hey woman,another mistake which is more stupid than the pregnancy you have made is to starve your born child,maltreat her in every way and finally laying her in state by drowning. You are such an evil and wicked mother! Someone like you doesn't deserve to be given a chance to live and enjoy the gift of life!!

To train a child is not by force. There are many things you should have done to free yourself from the burden of child training. For example,on the day and hour of the birth,you could just go to any Family Support Programme Organization or orphanage and keep the child for them and go your way,instead of committing such atrocity on your flesh and blood.

Finally,since you cannot control or hold your body,since keeping your legs closed is so impossible for you to do,when you find yourself being pregnant,keep it safe,give birth to it,and proceed to FSP,whose hands are open to receive your child!!!

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