Saturday, 26 August 2017

Nnamdi Kanu,finally reacts to Federal government plans to revolt his bail

'' Nnamdi Kanu is ready to stand his trial,but
 Nigeria government is  not ready to stand him'': Bar Ifeanyi Ejiofor

Politics is getting more interesting every day as bomb shedding issues emerge every now and then to give us updates. Who does not know Prince Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the indigenous people of biafra IPOB? Who does not know the big voice who speaks without fear or favor? Who does not know the man whose figure and charisma command respect of the kings and cabals? Nnamdi is that man with every leadership quality,who has not only awaken people's consciousness on their fundamental human rights,but have also led them to the path!

The first appearance of Nnamdi Kanu was on radio biafra. It is the medium he uses to preach his freedom message and gets his followers. Yes,his followers are so numerous in millions,wanting to be more than Nigerians themselves! Now like Pharaoh of Egypt,the Nigerian government will not rest unless this Nnamdi Kanu dies,or his dream of actualizing his biafran country dies! He had been imprisoned,and tortured, threatened with many death traps by Nigerian government,but having seen that this IPOB leader is rather a hard nut to crack,spat him out of prison to be. Now,Nnamdi Kanu's presence in Nigeria environment is making Nigerian government,very uncomfortable. Nigerian government has again,planned to send the IPOB leader,Nnamdi Kanu back to prison,and this is the gentle man's reaction:

''The application by the Federal government is misconceived'' He said this through his lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, who continues:

 “Though we intend to file a formal response to their most misconceived motion, it is my position that it does not lie in the power of the AG to ask for the revocation of the bail granted to my client. The prosecution can’t be seen at the same time as the persecutors. We have successfully challenged the bail terms we considered offensive to our clients constitutionally guaranteed rights. So their recent application is belated. Section 169 of the ACJA being relied upon by the AG can’t avail the Attorney General absolute power to ask for the revocation of bail. Parties must be heard on the merit by the court”.  “Let the federal government open their case if they have any genuine charge against my client. They are beating about the bush because they have no case against my client,” Mr. Ejiofor reacted. Read more: Tell Buhari that if anyone tries to arrest me,he will die! Says IPOB Nnamdi Kanu

What a fearless speaker,''like father like son''. Bar, Ifeanyi Ejiofor even went further to say that his client Nnamdi Kanu is ready to stand his trial,but Nigeria government is  not ready to stand him,and that nothing on earth can make his client to be kept behind the bar again!

If this is how the voice of Nnamdi Kanu's Lawyer sounds,how much more will the lion himself when he roars???  Nnamdi Kanu finally reacts to Federal government plans to revolt his bail soon....

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