Friday, 18 August 2017

Obvious reasons why fathers have sex with their daughters

Photo: I sleep with my daughter in order to be rich

Ever wondered why some fathers do have sex with their daughters? So we have ever wondered! They begin with being suddenly nice to nicer to their daughters,buying them gifts and taking,them out for escape! Before you know it,the dads begin to take their daughters to bed and robbing their shoulders. What next? They begin to eat the forbidden fruits!

Too insane it is to hear that a father sees the nakedness of his daughter.Your daughter is not your wife but your child . Isn't s*x itself crazy? Have you seen people having real s*x? I mean you will hate the sight,the act of having s*x,how much more will a father and his daughter be involved in this sacred act?

Finally,the secret,the purpose and the obvious reasons why fathers have s*x with their daughters. Having s*x with their daughters is devilish  and herbalists instruction to become wealthy.

So,those who have s*x with their daughters take the pride and dignity of their daughters in place of riches and wealth. Too bad,too shameless for you man!!!

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