Saturday, 19 August 2017

Racism is indeed foolishness! See what people who practice racism look like...

 Photo: A soap dispenser which only respond to white skins
Before I was born,and of course I know you were not conceived then either,there was this practice of racism,not as it is now anyway. It was worst in many ways then than it is now. We have read in many books and have watched in many films,the different faces and interpretations of racism.

There was a time in life when children of black skin would not be allowed to be in the same classroom or go to the same school because they are black. We now ask the white: Is black infectious? The black were not also permitted to be in the same commercial buses with the white because of ordinary color. Again we ask the white: What is wrong with the black color?

Again,marriage,a thing of the heart,soul and spirit which has nothing to do with color of the body is being discriminated against. A black man dare not go near a white lady he loves so much and ,ask her hand in marriage. The white will not only call him a black monkey or ape,but a man from the mortuary!

It is not the past that is paining me. It is the current observation of a common practice. Can you imagine the white people again,having a racist soap dispenser which responds to only white skin?? At first when I saw it,I wanted to pass and ignore it,but no,my heart couldn't let it be!  What do the white even think that  the blacks are? Common soap dispenser? Were they thinking that if black people also wash their hands with such soap the black will take up their color from them or be like them? Isn't this selfishness,hatred,and partiality in the highest order??  Who even what to be white when black is beauty?? YES,if the whites are God,the black won't have life,or would surely have to pay for the breath of life with their own nose!! This is no doubt!!!

Someone might suggest or think that the soap dispenser in question is not discriminating for hatred. It could be that the soap content is so mild,that only the white skin can use to be effective,one might say,but hey,we have also thought that way but didn't think so. In the place where the soap dispenser is situated,there is no other soap dispenser as alternative for black skin. It is just that one there that when you approach to put your hand and it senses black skin,it will refuse to give you soap to wash your hand!!!

What do people who practice racism look like????

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